GOD To Go Open Source???????????This is a news flash from the one man army news reporting unit of KBOK. We bring u only the best,interesting,fiction,non-fiction,comical news from the world as seen through the eyes and spectacles of Kofi Boakye.Through our serious and nonexistent investigative procedures we have established a rumour that GOD (for Christians), ALLAH(for Muslims), Supreme Being (Traditional worshippers) and a HIGHER POWER(for Atheists) has decided to give an emphatic “NO” to the question of whether HE will go open source or free source with his design source code for the universe and its inhabitants (humans and aliens). A heavenly source told us that the noncommital to the release may be due to the fact its release may bring about destructive tendencies in the inhabitants of the universe. Also a universe without a heavenly or Higher Power monoply will definitely cause an unbalance that will create many problems. STAY TUNED for more information. 


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