Hallo once again world !For those of you that dont know ECG refers to the Electricity Corporation of Ghana the sole distributor of electricity in Ghana nationwide.Quite a monopoly.Anywayz the increase in tariffs means i now have to regulate the time i spend in front of my pc.This is cuz my Dad now has the perfect oppportunity or excuse to curb my computer usage.Wastng of electricity and increased utility bills.D**n ! ! Makes me wonder what the energy star that comes when i boot the pc is supposed to mean. Guess an old pc is still an old pc.
Oh well i might now try generating my own electricity to power my pc.hey maybe i can even start my own movement “Free Electricity For The Masses.”Remember you heard it here first. 🙂
Anyone got any free ideas or open source methods on how to do that???Will be really appreciated.
Currently in my usual dilemma of which distro to use.Happens about once a week.The only choices available for me now are openSUSE 10.2 and of course Ubuntu. Sheesh!! My openSUSE was obtained from a friend on 5 CDs and it contains lots of software that i havent yet explored.Unfortunately i only have a 4GB harddisk plus a 1.5 GB for my e-books and any downloaded package i am able to get that wouldn’t take up much space like the driver for my 16MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 graphics card. Yeah know ! 😦 It aint much but its all i got now so i have to make do.At least i am now expert at minimalistic installs and harddisk space management ‘-). Unfortunately the lack of affordable and reliable net access (broadband or dialup) totally pushes Ubuntu out of the picture as a distro for me even though i started my linux journey with Ubuntu (Cant they add more stuff to the free cd or make other cds free???)and it runs faster than openSUSE on my setup (600 Mhz cpu , 284MB RAM ). (Actually my pc is one the strangest machines available cuz it has really taught me to be patient.More about my pc later)
I have been trying to get access to either a Debian or Ubuntu packages DVD or CD  or maybe access to a local repository at my LINUG, (AITI-KACE)ie the Advanced Information Technology Institute the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT in Accra.Still no luck.Got my fingers crossed though.Got to go now cuz i have a test to take today.Wish me luck !!!

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