Of Sad And Happy Things

Kaaaiiiiieee.Whaaat.Read on the ubuntu planet blog that Microsoft just whipped the mat out from under Mandriva in a bid for what operating system to use on 1700 classmate PCs acquired by the Nigerian government.man that sucks 😦 !!! Hope Ghana does not follow suit.

Yipee ! I finally got a dvd with Ubuntu packages from a LINUG friend.Big ups to Odzangba.Thanks man.Sorry openSUSE 10.2 but u got to go.Aww !!As the old classic song goes “Me yere dadae san bɛ ware me”(literally meaning “My old wife came back and marry me”).Back to my first luv Ubuntu.Aaah! Its gud to be back.
Hey who knows with a full packed Ubuntu install my creative juices will start flowing and i will do some totally phenomenal stuff. Na waa oo !!

Next mission : saving up luchi/l’argent/cash to totally pimp ma old lovable pc. Uh huh ! Add an 80GB hard-disk,web cam without a web , headset, definitely more RAM and ………Till i wake up from my dreams. Hmmm.

A big shout out to all the linux gurus and non-gurus in Ghana.I am currently thinking of starting a project : something with a Ghanaian flavour.Been playing around with ideas like an awesome game(3d or 2d) to an open source Flash tool or maybe something similar to gcompris but with a Ghanaian touch.Anyone interested??? Any ideas?? Unfortunately my coding skills are not up to scratch yet but i’m working on it(Actually i cant even get it to touch much less scratch).Got a systematic one week plan to learn PHP,MySQL,Java,C++,Python,Flash all in one fell swoop.

But i think i’m just really joking and confused on how to achieve it.Any help or suggestions? My approach: Fevered Great Coder Wannabe Inspired Visions Midnight Reading of programming books and all that.I’m really trying but it just doesnt seem to click. Probably cuz i’ve adapted myself to the old way of education where u have a teacher feeding u the stuff(knowledge) and u just memorize it by rote.Hey if it works i might license it under the Creative Commons Licence. Anyone wanna be my teacher??

Oh almost forgot.Precisely where are all the Linux gurus in Ghana at?? Cuz i heard we got some really serious hackers here in Ghana but i sure ain’t seeing nothing(apologies to all i may have seen(especially on this planet/blog roll)).U’all checking out the unfree stuff maybe??? Hope not.

Anywayz if i dont get a reply to this post I,Kofi Boakye,the ungreat,person non-grata,invisibless will declare with the full capabilities and abilities of my unestablished KRACHI powers a bounty on anyone with the slightest signs of being a linux guru.Linux gurus in Ghana ,be warned.Its open season.
(Proudly sponsored by guruzhunters.forest)

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