I’m baaaaaaaaaaccck

Wow! Like the genie stuck in a bottle i’m free at last.
Actually i wasnt stuck anywhere.I just had a long vacation to clear my head and get ready for the new stuff that will  hopefully come up this year.
I’m now the proud owner of a MEDION TCM Edition Notebook.YEEEEESSS! Tis like a dream come true.GHz range processor,Lots of harddisk space,cute ,portable and best of all inbuilt wifi.Now i can try some wardriving and get access to free internet in hotspots.With free and hopefully reliable net access(both wifi and wired network) the power of synaptic to me as a user in Ghana becomes realistic and just breathtaking.I mean u can get all of these gazillions of programs free of charge and which are easily installable?? Now thats what i’m talking! On another note i hope someone or an organization in Ghana will offer to do local hosting or mirroring of the ubuntu repositories cuz it really takes some time to download stuff from the rpositories.Anyone???
Since getting this lap i’ve really come to love being able to use my computer anywhere,anytime.Self-Immersive Computing???
Hopefully with the acquisition of this notebook i will be able  to resurrect my programming activities.Started sometime ago learning how to code but got bored cuz the machine i had at home just wasnt situated at the right place and was way too uncomfortable to use.Aah !!
Below are some pics of my notebook.Aint she a beaut????All virgin white.!


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