From Gnome to KDE and back again

First cut is the deepest as they say and its really

I tried KDE 4.3 over the week and I must admit they got some bling,bling. Wow!! Great work, guys and ladies.. The panel looked more spacious and the various effects and widgets/ plasmoids were just amazing !! And the preview effects in Dolphin were just over the top. (Top that if u can, Windows 7)

But then ,bam, without any warning stuff just started to mess up .First it was my Intel graphics cards not agreeing with compiz.(though KDE still looked good and handled ok without the bling,bling) Then KPackage Kit just made me boil with its interface. I mean, if I want to go through the list of available and installed software I d**n well want to see it all without typing keywords to get a list. sheesh!! Of course it just made me love Synaptic all the more)

Finally I just gave up and guiltily run back to Gnome. So simple!

Of course I’m waiting with huge anticipation for the final version of Karmic Kaola. Even the Alpha releases do show some serious improvements that  make me swell extra extra with pride at being a linux user. Go Karmic Kaola team!! All the best !!

After Karmic , I’m definitely gonna become a full time evangelist for Linux Usage in Ghana….

1 Comment

  1. kinkelson said,

    November 26, 2009 at 12:16 am

    haha, yeah totally get that.
    Heard KDE 4.3 is terrible.
    U should try OpenBox, totally rocks

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