The Global Village

If the world is now a global village, then I guess Aunt Araba can go and spy on what Mrs Obama is cooking for supper nd we the village elders sit and drink some pito with Osama and Gordon Brown while the German chancellor plays ampe with Sirleaf Johnson.Now where r the power chaskele boys , Mugabe and Wen Jiabao??

ah these boy paa !!

(Memoirs of a global village elder)


Karmic Kaola Goodness !!


Just spent over three hours downloading the Karmic Kaola beta  over a crappy wireless connection.

And I just got to shout “Wow!!”. Beta saf be this. Man, they really put some good work into this stuff.Little touches here and there . And I think my screen display just increased or something cuz there seems to be more space on the desktop. No kidding !! It is really worth the long wait , short fevered naps and the ever present angelically annoying mosquitoes buzzing and taking painful dives at my body…Karmic Kaola rocks , though there’s still more work to be done..And this time I hope to be part of it contributing my quota to it!!