I love my country

It had to take the on going world cup to really bring the fact home to me …but i really love my country, mother land and land of my birth , the black star of Africa…GHANA…GHANA (GH) totally rocks…Go Black Stars and make the whole Africa proud

The Global Village

If the world is now a global village, then I guess Aunt Araba can go and spy on what Mrs Obama is cooking for supper nd we the village elders sit and drink some pito with Osama and Gordon Brown while the German chancellor plays ampe with Sirleaf Johnson.Now where r the power chaskele boys , Mugabe and Wen Jiabao??

ah these boy paa !!

(Memoirs of a global village elder)

Karmic Kaola Goodness !!


Just spent over three hours downloading the Karmic Kaola beta  over a crappy wireless connection.

And I just got to shout “Wow!!”. Beta saf be this. Man, they really put some good work into this stuff.Little touches here and there . And I think my screen display just increased or something cuz there seems to be more space on the desktop. No kidding !! It is really worth the long wait , short fevered naps and the ever present angelically annoying mosquitoes buzzing and taking painful dives at my body…Karmic Kaola rocks , though there’s still more work to be done..And this time I hope to be part of it contributing my quota to it!!


From Gnome to KDE and back again

First cut is the deepest as they say and its really

I tried KDE 4.3 over the week and I must admit they got some bling,bling. Wow!! Great work, guys and ladies.. The panel looked more spacious and the various effects and widgets/ plasmoids were just amazing !! And the preview effects in Dolphin were just over the top. (Top that if u can, Windows 7)

But then ,bam, without any warning stuff just started to mess up .First it was my Intel graphics cards not agreeing with compiz.(though KDE still looked good and handled ok without the bling,bling) Then KPackage Kit just made me boil with its interface. I mean, if I want to go through the list of available and installed software I d**n well want to see it all without typing keywords to get a list. sheesh!! Of course it just made me love Synaptic all the more)

Finally I just gave up and guiltily run back to Gnome. So simple!

Of course I’m waiting with huge anticipation for the final version of Karmic Kaola. Even the Alpha releases do show some serious improvements that  make me swell extra extra with pride at being a linux user. Go Karmic Kaola team!! All the best !!

After Karmic , I’m definitely gonna become a full time evangelist for Linux Usage in Ghana….

Back Again !!

Hello World

Its sure been a while since i last posted on this blog.

However i’m back and this time i hope to put up new stuff everyday about what i’m currently doing .Hoping to start releasing some serious apps for the linux world soon.

Adios amigos

H E L P ??Need LinuxCD

hello world ,

I’m really pissed  off as i write this post.I never knew internet at my school, UCC in Cape Coast is so crappy.


I tried downloading the PCLinux 2008  Gnome LiveCD and later on the LinuxMint 5 distro.

Over 3 hours and nothing??What the …I mean come on !!I just wasted my money and time.

ANYWAYZ I will like to know if anyone can send me The PCLinuxOS 2008 Gnome Version

or the Linux Mint 5 or 6 edition.

I really need it.Ubuntu 8.04 doesnt agree with my hardware at all.

So world if anyone can help me whether in Ghana or not …

My email is donkdex@gmail.com


Linux vrs Windows –My Thoughts

Change is good but change is very difficult for the majority of people.
I believe that people who say that linux is not ready or is not as user friendly as Windows are making a mistake.This is simply because Linux is not Windows and may never be Windows.It seems that because these people started their computing life with Windows they seem to think that using Linux should be the same as Windows.Impossible.If possible then I guess there will be no need to have Linux.We will just have Windows and Windows 2 ; the same everywhere.
This “thingy” also seems to be something that affects Linux users also since Linux advocates also tend to badmouth Windows users sometimes very unpleasantly.Please its got to stop!!.
Its quite bad and a sign of intolerance to “diss” someone because they have decided on something or made a choice that you disagree with.Come on !!.VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.Imagine how boring it will be if everyone wore the same dress or did the same things.sheesh.
These are two different operating systems with different GUIs or desktops.
Also dont forget despite all supposed bad stuff Microsoft like Linux  does employ people who though they may not agree with their employers objectives or mission statement or philosophy,have to earn a living and as such have no alternatives.Also in areas like Africa since most organisations use Windows,it does serve as a means of livelihood for computer technicians with many charging for burning an XP or Vista cd and doing installations of Windows(more on copyright issues and licensing in Ghana,my motherland).

I think the best way to check all this “My own is better” competition  will be to get two  people with no computing knowledge who will be then introduced to Linux and Windows separately and following each other that is one would start his or her computing life or experience with Windows and another will start with Linux.They will then switch over after some time and share their experiences on each as compared to the operating system they started on.I believe this will then serve as a better means of really evaluating which of the two operating systems is better in terms of user experience or functionality.
Of course the top bleeding edge sample or product of each operating system will have to be used.
Also one must not forget that Linux distros are constantly being tweaked and improved.Its like having a product/research that you cant really finally bring out and say “Aahh!!Finally I’m done.Igor its alive!!!”. 🙂 Its never ending unlike Windows or Apple where a product is released and left on the market until a new version comes along.
Unfortunately this could also throw a kinda bad light on Linux constantly since improving your stuff means you may decide not make your product better at once and roll out but instead roll it out by  degrees and slowly add improvements making the product interesting as you go along.Kinda like a software engineering problem.All of this is IMHO of course with no insult intended to any  Linux distro developers.

Funny enough I dont seem to recall a time when people ever argued about or had a war on the merits of Windows vrs Apple or Apple vrs Linux.Why not????

For those who claim that they cant get the look,feel and operation of Windows applications on Linux applications I just want to ask them “have they tried investing a little bit of time and effort into learning and using Linux applications effectively?” Its not as if there was no learning curve associated with learning how to use Windows applications.They definitely had to take some time to learn how to use these software.Reading manuals and so on.So why cant they do the same with Linux software??Especially with the tons of available manuals and tutorials on how to use Linux applications.
For those who also tend put forward the claim that Windows has a larger software base than Linux as their main reason for not fully using Linux I believe that this is no longer so especially with the huge amounts of software found in repositories and being constantly produced.Of course big game companies like EA and so on could also help by writing or porting by cool and fine games over to Linux.
I have an idea that we could something like the DirectX api for Linux.I mean OpenGL and Mesa are there but we need something that is failsafe and guaranteed to make gaming more d**n fine than it is now on Linux.
Of course I have to say that Linux games rock.There are many games for everyone.I’m currently convincing the kids and my parents that Linux rocks for kids due to the number of advanced educational stuff available such as gcompris.

From the above therefore I think that if we want Linux world domination then we have to think about Linux in a different way altogether.
Unforunately I’m still trying to think of how this can be achieved.
Any ideas?????

ABOUT ME:I’m currently a university student studying Accounting and living in Ghana,aka the GH, in West Africa.My main passion has always been computers and science.I’m also crazy about Linux and free and open source software.

I’m baaaaaaaaaaccck

Wow! Like the genie stuck in a bottle i’m free at last.
Actually i wasnt stuck anywhere.I just had a long vacation to clear my head and get ready for the new stuff that will  hopefully come up this year.
I’m now the proud owner of a MEDION TCM Edition Notebook.YEEEEESSS! Tis like a dream come true.GHz range processor,Lots of harddisk space,cute ,portable and best of all inbuilt wifi.Now i can try some wardriving and get access to free internet in hotspots.With free and hopefully reliable net access(both wifi and wired network) the power of synaptic to me as a user in Ghana becomes realistic and just breathtaking.I mean u can get all of these gazillions of programs free of charge and which are easily installable?? Now thats what i’m talking! On another note i hope someone or an organization in Ghana will offer to do local hosting or mirroring of the ubuntu repositories cuz it really takes some time to download stuff from the rpositories.Anyone???
Since getting this lap i’ve really come to love being able to use my computer anywhere,anytime.Self-Immersive Computing???
Hopefully with the acquisition of this notebook i will be able  to resurrect my programming activities.Started sometime ago learning how to code but got bored cuz the machine i had at home just wasnt situated at the right place and was way too uncomfortable to use.Aah !!
Below are some pics of my notebook.Aint she a beaut????All virgin white.!

Of Sad And Happy Things

Kaaaiiiiieee.Whaaat.Read on the ubuntu planet blog that Microsoft just whipped the mat out from under Mandriva in a bid for what operating system to use on 1700 classmate PCs acquired by the Nigerian government.man that sucks 😦 !!! Hope Ghana does not follow suit.

Yipee ! I finally got a dvd with Ubuntu packages from a LINUG friend.Big ups to Odzangba.Thanks man.Sorry openSUSE 10.2 but u got to go.Aww !!As the old classic song goes “Me yere dadae san bɛ ware me”(literally meaning “My old wife came back and marry me”).Back to my first luv Ubuntu.Aaah! Its gud to be back.
Hey who knows with a full packed Ubuntu install my creative juices will start flowing and i will do some totally phenomenal stuff. Na waa oo !!

Next mission : saving up luchi/l’argent/cash to totally pimp ma old lovable pc. Uh huh ! Add an 80GB hard-disk,web cam without a web , headset, definitely more RAM and ………Till i wake up from my dreams. Hmmm.

A big shout out to all the linux gurus and non-gurus in Ghana.I am currently thinking of starting a project : something with a Ghanaian flavour.Been playing around with ideas like an awesome game(3d or 2d) to an open source Flash tool or maybe something similar to gcompris but with a Ghanaian touch.Anyone interested??? Any ideas?? Unfortunately my coding skills are not up to scratch yet but i’m working on it(Actually i cant even get it to touch much less scratch).Got a systematic one week plan to learn PHP,MySQL,Java,C++,Python,Flash all in one fell swoop.

But i think i’m just really joking and confused on how to achieve it.Any help or suggestions? My approach: Fevered Great Coder Wannabe Inspired Visions Midnight Reading of programming books and all that.I’m really trying but it just doesnt seem to click. Probably cuz i’ve adapted myself to the old way of education where u have a teacher feeding u the stuff(knowledge) and u just memorize it by rote.Hey if it works i might license it under the Creative Commons Licence. Anyone wanna be my teacher??

Oh almost forgot.Precisely where are all the Linux gurus in Ghana at?? Cuz i heard we got some really serious hackers here in Ghana but i sure ain’t seeing nothing(apologies to all i may have seen(especially on this planet/blog roll)).U’all checking out the unfree stuff maybe??? Hope not.

Anywayz if i dont get a reply to this post I,Kofi Boakye,the ungreat,person non-grata,invisibless will declare with the full capabilities and abilities of my unestablished KRACHI powers a bounty on anyone with the slightest signs of being a linux guru.Linux gurus in Ghana ,be warned.Its open season.
(Proudly sponsored by guruzhunters.forest)


Hallo once again world !For those of you that dont know ECG refers to the Electricity Corporation of Ghana the sole distributor of electricity in Ghana nationwide.Quite a monopoly.Anywayz the increase in tariffs means i now have to regulate the time i spend in front of my pc.This is cuz my Dad now has the perfect oppportunity or excuse to curb my computer usage.Wastng of electricity and increased utility bills.D**n ! ! Makes me wonder what the energy star that comes when i boot the pc is supposed to mean. Guess an old pc is still an old pc.
Oh well i might now try generating my own electricity to power my pc.hey maybe i can even start my own movement “Free Electricity For The Masses.”Remember you heard it here first. 🙂
Anyone got any free ideas or open source methods on how to do that???Will be really appreciated.
Currently in my usual dilemma of which distro to use.Happens about once a week.The only choices available for me now are openSUSE 10.2 and of course Ubuntu. Sheesh!! My openSUSE was obtained from a friend on 5 CDs and it contains lots of software that i havent yet explored.Unfortunately i only have a 4GB harddisk plus a 1.5 GB for my e-books and any downloaded package i am able to get that wouldn’t take up much space like the driver for my 16MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 graphics card. Yeah know ! 😦 It aint much but its all i got now so i have to make do.At least i am now expert at minimalistic installs and harddisk space management ‘-). Unfortunately the lack of affordable and reliable net access (broadband or dialup) totally pushes Ubuntu out of the picture as a distro for me even though i started my linux journey with Ubuntu (Cant they add more stuff to the free cd or make other cds free???)and it runs faster than openSUSE on my setup (600 Mhz cpu , 284MB RAM ). (Actually my pc is one the strangest machines available cuz it has really taught me to be patient.More about my pc later)
I have been trying to get access to either a Debian or Ubuntu packages DVD or CD  or maybe access to a local repository at my LINUG, (AITI-KACE)ie the Advanced Information Technology Institute the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT in Accra.Still no luck.Got my fingers crossed though.Got to go now cuz i have a test to take today.Wish me luck !!!

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